The Road to Good Credit Starts Here

Good Credit Begins with Good Habits

Do you remember when you got your first credit card or took out a loan for your first car? You may have done so after some lenders came to your high school and signed you up for your first card. Do you remember why you wanted a credit card? It was probably because you had a list of things you wanted to buy but couldn’t afford at the moment. This is the beginning of your credit habits – and they might have turned into bad ones.

Good habits are how you develop good credit. Nobody can fix your credit if you’re practicing bad habits, such as keeping you cards maxed out or not paying your card on time. If you get into the habit of paying your card on time and getting the balance down to around 30% of what the card allows, your credit is now a prime candidate for repair.

Three to Six Months to Credit Repair

The average credit repair service takes up to six months to get you fifty to one hundred points on your credit score. This is a great service that will pay dividends for you in the future if you can promise to keep good habits.  We will be recommending credit companies that we trust who can give you good loans and/or help you get a better credit score. Thank you for reading.

How Carlsbad Chiropractors Benefit from Good Client Credit

Woman getting carlsbad chiropractor to work on herChiropractors are some of the most honest in the medical industry. Why? Because they are not getting any kickbacks from drug companies. This is perhaps one of the things that helps them to be able to help their own patients. A chiropractor who offers back treatment can benefit from patients as well, and this builds good “credit” with their patients. They can have honest conversations with clients without any ulterior motives of getting paid from the people who make drugs. When this is the case, they have conversations that tend to focus on nutrition, exercise and other holistic approaches to keeping the entire body healthy.

Making Money and Good Health

Good health is one of the main things in life that make one rich. And it’s usually something that people are ready to spending a lot of money on. And when the money is spent correctly, there are many things one can do for one’s self. I want to stress the importance of not taking drugs to fix pain, but the reason for this post is to get you to go on with getting the help you need, and building a good relationship with your doctor can have some massive positive consequences. So when you are doing your research, find the right chiropractor near me and get yourself locked in for a long-term relationship that will not only help your doctor to get to know you better, but will ultimately be the best thing you could do for your health and longevity.

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Business Credit for Marketing Services

If you’re a business owner and you don’t have the credit you need to keep operations moving forward, perhaps it’s a good time to consider doing some marketing in order to increase your sales pipeline. SEO San Diego a great way to increase your market visibility and to work on market penetration. With the semantic web becoming of age, it’s a good idea to have a professional SEO take a hard look at the content on your website as well as the internal linking structure, the backlinks coming in, the titles and meta tags and all other aspects of your website to ensure that Google can properly crawl your website and bring visitors to the proper landing page of choice.

SEO for Dummies

Doing SEO is not something that you just “do.” It’s something that happens when you have good quality content that grips the readers enough to share. And Google loves to read so the more unique and quality content you have on your website, the better off you’ll be for it. For example, if you’re talking about San Diego attractions, you might want to mention Pacific Beach or Coronado Island. Those might be some terms that Google and other search engines are expecting to find on any web page hoping to rank for those keywords. It’s not a real mystery anymore as to how sites get on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is merely a function of the internet coming of age and bringing the most shared and useful content to the searchers. After all, if you didn’t find what you’re looking for while doing a search, you might not come back to that search engine, so it’s in their best interest to continue serving up the most relevant information. And more and more we are seeing that sites that encompass a larger topic are getting the lion’s share of the search traffic.

So do your business a favor and get in front of targeted buyers organically but being the best promoter of good quality and unique content, followed by great website structure and powerful backlinks from industry related authority sites if you can. This is something that a good SEO agency can help you with in today’s marketing landscape. How much does it cost? You get what you pay for, and it all comes down to how bad you want it over the competition.


How Good Credit Relates to Good Teeth

(updated 02-03-16) You might have had the need to get some work done to improve your smile, which could in turn make you feel richer than you are because you’re not afraid to let others see your teeth. If it turns out that you’ve been putting off getting some braces because of your finances, then we have good news for you. has been delivering great smiles to people with bad credit after they’ve gone through getting their credit fixed in order to get a loan to get braces. Dental work might seem to you like something you could possibly put off or never even get around to, but we want to help you zoom out and see the bigger picture when it comes to not only your looks, but your health.

How your teeth affect your finances

True, you may not have ever considered the connection between teeth and money. But let’s start with the basics like a toothbrush and toothpaste. Both of these are items you could never live without and have become part of your monthly expenditures. When you combine them with a nice smile that you’re proud of, you just might spend a little more money on that smile on something like the monthly payments for the braces you now have in your mouth.

According to Sons and Daughters Orthodontics does not matter how old or young you are, it’s always a good time to get in for a consultation to examine your current and future goals for your teeth. A good orthodontist might even make some suggestions on helping you get your teeth whitened. While this is not necessarily a goal you have, it can’t do anything but benefit you in the long run to have nice, straight teeth that are white. And what is the byproduct of nice teeth? More smiles and a friendlier perception of who you are from the outside world. Now that is something to do with you good credit, now go get those teeth fixed!

Shoestring Budget Home Decor: A look at Wall Decals & Stickers | Stay in Good Credit

decals and stickers for walls Just because you have good credit doesn’t mean you need to out and spend lots of money to get the things you want. In fact, there are other ways to get “what you want.” Simply by asking yourself the question “why” 3-4 levels deep, you will be able to uncover the real reasons why you may really be wanting to make a purchase. Most people make purchases because they feel that in some small or big way, they will feel better about themselves, especially when it comes to something for the home. When budgeting for a change in the home, most people think in terms of thousands of dollars and many months of planning and work. This doesn’t need to be the case. We hope to inspire you to consider something like buying wall decals and stickers online, which could actually be the answer to your 3rd or 4th “why.”

What do you Really Want?

When your credit reaches a point to where you can take out a loan for a home remodel or some kind of interior decoration, you might start dreaming about the way your room is going to look when you’re done. The problem is, your finances will look like a mess after the work in your home is done. So what is it you really want? Follow this mind-map to see if you really need to spend the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on a home decorator.

  1. What do you want? A: “I want to redecorate my living room.”
  2. Why do you want to redecorate your living room? A: “Because I’m not comfortable inside the room.”
  3. Why aren’t you comfortable in the room? A: “I don’t like the colors and it’s too cluttered.”
  4. What OTHER ways of clearing the clutter and bringing in the color you want would you consider in order to achieve “redecorating your room so it becomes a more comfortable place for you?”

This simple exercise may reveal to you that you really don’t need to spend a lot of money on a total remodel or even new furniture. Simply rearranging your furniture and getting the accent colors you’re looking for just might give you the lift you’re looking for.

Wall Decals and Stickers to Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

You’ve seen them before in places like businesses perhaps, and maybe even at your place of worship. But vinyl stickers and decals that are applied to walls (and cars) can make a huge difference in your room. If you want that perfect accent color in a room, perhaps a bright orange, then maybe a nice sunshine decal is what you really need. Maybe you want to bring other feng shui elements into your home without drastic measures. I would suggest rearranging your furniture and getting some cool wall decals that could really make a huge difference in your home, without going in to debt! Let us know if this helps!

Can you read this headline without glasses?

woman got lasik detroit office help for eyesMany people who are reading this right now require glasses or contacts to see the words properly. This is a problem that affects millions worldwide, but it does not have to be this way. There are several ways to correct eye problems, and in fact, many believe that glasses in fact contribute to the denigration of eyesight. If this is the truth, then why are so many doctors prescribing glasses? Well, I suppose it’s a lack of understanding, but that’s another post. LASIK is a procedure that I’d like to show you more about here in this post. It has gained massive influence over the past several years and is now more affordable and accessible than ever.


Benefits of LASIK surgery

  • Saves thousands of dollars over your lifetime in eye expenses
  • Reduces the stress related to losing glasses
  • Improves looks (if you’re not totally in to glasses)
  • Fixes bad eyesight
  • Increases confidence
  • Prevents accidents – because you can see better while driving
  • Saves thousands over your lifetime – did we mention that?

Before you get the procedure done, you might want to do a little homework around the kinds of procedures that you can have done and what options are available to you based on your near-sided or far-sided eyesight. It’s usually a good idea to ask friends or relatives who have had the procedure done about what to expect during the operation and for the next several days after… there are usually some unpleasantries involved for the first couple of days.

Saving or borrowing the money

You could save a couple grand to get the procedure done so you don’t need to go into debt. Or you might want to consider getting together with a local credit company who can give you a good loan for your procedure. This is when your good credit will come in handy! So if you’re feeling like it’s about time for you to go ahead with the procedure you’ve been putting off for far too long, then get on the phone and call a good clinic like the Oakland Eye Clinic and be on your way to a better vision in days.

*post updated 7-21 at request of cited sources

Good Credit, Good Body, Happy New Year

Holiday spending leaves a lot of people to start the new year in financial ruin. Many folks have just paid off the credit card loans from the Christmas season the year before and end up getting back in to that same rut. What’s more, there is significant damage people do to their bodies while they’re enjoying the holiday meals. That’s why we’re making some recommendations for wise use of not only your money but also of watching what you eat so you can start the new year off in a positive cashflow situation as well as holding on to that beach body you set New Year resolutions to keep.

Keeping Your Body and Finances in Shape

The number one New Year’s resolution is centered around diet and exercise, ultimately so those who make them can keep their fit figure all year round. Here in San Diego, liposuction treatments are the final solution to resolutions gone bad. That’s not all bad, but if it puts you in debt and has you paying for years, then it only makes sense to stay fit – at least during the time you’re paying off that plastic surgery. Looking your best comes along with feeling your best, and to feel your best, not only should your body be in shape but also your finances. When considering some kind of cosmetic surgery, should you resolution not work out as planned, then there are all kinds of ways to to pay in order to get yourself looking good besides liposuction. Many people, especially those who travel a lot tend to spend more money on their looks than others. Some opt for facial alterations such as those from this San Diego Botox clinic, who says that travel, holidays, and cosmetic surgery all add up to making or breaking someone’s bank.

Staying on top of your spending and eating

cosmetic surgerySpending money is something that is inevitable. What and how you spend is the crucial balance that will help you not only make it through the holidays but will also help you through the rest of the year. Dave Ramsey gives some solid advice about budgeting (look him up, the Financial Peace University is amazing). He says that every dollar has a name. If this plays out in your finances, you should consider a “cosmetic surgery fund” or a “Christmas spending fund.” This way, you will not have to go in to debt for these things but you will be able to pay cash for them. As Dave puts it, if you can’t afford to pay cash for it, then don’t buy it.

Your diet should also have a budget. If you’re someone who constantly puts on the pounds and can’t figure out how to get them off, then consider counting calories for your meals, or “budgeting” your intake. This will not only help you to be more fit and healthier, but once you put your finances and your diet in a “headlock,” then you’ll feel more on the ball in every aspect of your life.

For Credit, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saving Up for a European Vacation: Save to Play

What to do with the money you’re saving

If you’ve been being good with your spending and making payments on all your loans or credit cards on time, then you might just be on your way to being an adult! J/k – but seriously you are making some great adult decisions. One of the greatest things you can do in life is travel the globe with someone you love. This is one time when your credit becomes a huge blessing or a huge curse.

European Travel, Destination: Ireland & Scotland

Ireland and Scotland Vacationing One of the greatest destinations (besides Italy of course) in Europe is Ireland/Scotland. There are a number of ways to travel there and experience all they have to offer, but since you’ve been being good, why not do it in absolute luxury. This will make all the difference in how you remember your experience. A luxurious vacation, seeing all the amazing sights that you read about only in fairy tales or see in movies will make memories worth far much more than money. A good vacation will bring your mind into evoking certain emotions for the rest of your life. The smells, tastes, sights, sounds of a foreign land while on holiday will make the kind of memories that are supposed to last a lifetime. When you do finally decide to travel internationally, if I might suggest, visit Ireland’s castles and Scotland’s golf courses. This website, has just about every possible avenue you could take when traveling to Ireland or Scotland.

Honeymoon in Vegas IRELAND

When you save up for the wedding and getting married, the true capstone of a wedding is the honeymoon. A lot of folks spend an enormous amount of money on the wedding itself and not as much on the honeymoon. While it is extremely important to honor your preferences when it comes to your wedding – and to throw a great party for your friends and family, you want to be sure that there is more than enough money to really enjoy yourself while on honeymoon.

There are a ton of castle honeymoon vacations one could take in Ireland, which are known for their superior romantic appeal. Imagine sparking the imagination of your new wife with all the nostalgia of a Disney princess that she dreamed of as a little girl. This is well worth the voyage to another side of the world! (Ladies, drop hints and don’t be bashful!)

Golfing for the guys

golf in Scotland

If the castles aren’t enough to get your man interested in visiting Ireland and Scotland, let him know that there are some of the most pristine golf courses in the world found in Scotland. As a matter of fact, Scotland is a golf destination vacation spot for some of the world’s best golfers and most affluent clientele. You’ll feel like a king while she feels like the queen after you tie the knot in a fairy tale venue. This is truly a dreamy vacation option that more people should pick up on.

Fishing in Ireland and Scotlandfishing in Ireland

Wild fishing expeditions are in abundance in this region of the world. You’ll get a true sense as a real wrangler when you reel in your first catch of the day. The opportunity may only come once in a lifetime to brave the waters in some of the world’s most rugged waters along some of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere. Don’t be fooled, this is not a “relax on the beach” kind of coastline, it’s full of majestic mountains that seem to halt the violent ocean in a wonderful display of power and beauty.

All this can be yours if you budget properly. So do the right thing with your savings and spend it wisely – on memories that will become the foundation of the rest of your life. “Things that start well, end well.” And that’s the final thought!


Retiring with Good Credit and Lifestyle Items

Many folks would like to have a better credit score. For some, it’s in order to get a good rate on a mortgage. Others would like to purchase a new car. We recently worked with a company that makes walk in bathtubs – – who is trying to come up with funding options for folks who can’t pay cash for their new bathroom equipment. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your credit, it’s always a good idea to have a goal in mind and a road map for your score and purchases.

Seniors and Quality of Life


Many senior citizens have the good hope of living for 20+ years after retirement. This means that they will outlive the retirement money they saved up for. Simply put, after 20 years of being retired, the average person will have to go back to work. If that is the case, then they will re-enter a workforce that they were perfectly prepared for … 20+ years ago. The question comes up as to whether the entire retirement and social security system is really the answer to improving the quality of life for folks, especially after a lifetime of being in the workforce. Seniors often need to take special precautions to ensure their safety during the golden years, and this often takes more money than most think.

Safety and Planning for the Future

As a senior, you may be more concerned with today’s safety than you are with tomorrow’s money. For that reason, many in this age bracket have spent a lot of money on lifestyle items which make them comfortable – consider a safety tub or another sort of expensive bathing device – possibly even a hospital bed for their home. Items like this cut into the retirement nest egg so it’s recommended that while making plans for after retirement, instead of going without or having to live on a limited income mindset for the remainder of your years on earth, to consider what items you may need if (God forbid) you couldn’t walk today? Or if you had some other physical limitation? These are the types of things that most folks don’t think about until the need arises. Now, you probably don’t have to go out and buy a walker while you don’t need it, but start thinking about the future condition of your body as you age gracefully into your golden years.

Medicare Credit Balancing

Many folks who may not be well enough off to make the lifestyle purchases that others can afford can check into their Medicare credit balance. This is a possible avenue many choose to take in order to see if they could somehow qualify for that hospital bed or a care giver to come over more than the allotted time by their Medicare benefit. In some cases, folks may be able to look at their balance and see if there was something they were paid for and never received the treatment. The case for lifestyle items may show up on the balance report so be sure that you use the money you get for such things. Failing to do so may require you to pay the monies back.

Making good choices while you have enough foresight to get your retirement planning beyond just having enough money to sustain a limited income monthly is a good idea while you’re in your 50’s or early 60’s. For more inspiration, please go here to plan your retirement:

Expert Help from National Credit Repair Specialists

Credit Score Trumps All Else

Your credit score, whether you like it or not, is a direct reflection of your buying habits. Recently, we came across a Houston credit repair company, New Day Credit Repair, who can bring virtually anyone’s credit score up by “50-100 points in three to six months.” While this is not unheard of, we would like to bring up some very important points when it comes to credit recovery.

New Lines of Credit

One of the main ideas behind most credit repair companies, and we can verify that this is true, is that you must establish a diversity of trade lines. Perhaps the most important factor when contacting a credit repair company is to ask them what their requirements for you are while they work on repairing your credit. For many folks in the Houston TX area, there happens to be a huge diversity of credit recovery businesses that have not only great reviews but can deliver results.

Length of time for Credit Repair

Many folks don’t know that credit repair doesn’t have to take years. In fact, you might only need 3-6 months to do some serious repair to your credit. Your credit didn’t fall overnight, but it didn’t necessarily happen gradually over ten years either. There were probably a few instances of indiscretion that led to your downfall and your score dropped rather quickly. You probably didn’t have an app that tracked your score on a daily basis so you didn’t realize how quick it all happened. In most folks’ minds, it seems like the last time they checked their credit it was good. Today they find it’s not so hot. The time in between may have been a year or two … or three. So it may seem like it would make sense that it took that amount of time for your score to drop. Don’t let that stop you from making a call today to a company that uses the Fair Credit Reporting Act rules and best practices.

Houston’s New Day Office

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Credit repair is not only legal but it is a booming business in the US. The majority of Americans have $25,000 in debt or more, and they not only want to get out of that debt, but they want to get in to “good debt.” The former would be considered consumer debt for things like food, clothing, fun trips etc… The latter would be buying a home or car, taking out a line of credit for a business, borrowing money for a life event or something tantamount to building equity one way or the other.

The real winners in credit repair are consumers. Consumer debt can be settled quickly and without leaving derogatory claims on your credit report. It has been said that 75% to 80% of all negative claims on one’s credit report are inaccurate or false. That’s when it’s recommended to have a professional in the credit industry take charge for you and go to bat with the loan companies and credit bureaus.

Who should I Use for New Credit?

We are confident that there are good credit companies that don’t charge an arm and a leg for giving you credit. If you have a score of 620 or better, our current favorite is Comerica. They seem to have the best rates including 0% interest for 12-18 months for most cards – if you’re looking at getting credit cards. If you are interested in taking out a loan for a car or getting a mortgage for a home, then you’ll have to stay tuned for future posts. While there are many factors that to consider when making a major equity purchase, the last thing you want to worry about is your credit score or whether the company you’re working with is going to take a huge advantage of you and charge thousands of dollars over the next several years in interest. The best thing you can do is spend a few hundred dollars to get your credit score up so you don’t spend several thousand in interest over the next several years. Keep good habits!